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Composites Weekly Dives Deep Into Hemp-Based Additives With Heartland Executive Jesse Henry

Jonathan Taylor, founder and producer at Composites Weekly, spent time this week interviewing our CEO Jesse Henry to discuss biocomposites and the future of the plastics industry.

Jon has over 15 years of experience in composites manufacturing. He also spent 10 years in the US Military as a reconnaissance scout. Let’s just say that Jon knows a thing or two about biocomposites and their implications across the mobility, defense, and plastics industries.

As he connected with Jesse, the bottlenecks that have previously prevented hemp from being embedded into commercial use cases became apparent. 

Click below to listen to the 30-minute interview.

Hot topics of the interview

In this interview, Jon and Jesse discuss:

  • The industrial hemp supply chain, and why this is an important factor in the adoption across manufacturing.
  • Biocontinuity, and why it’s important to determine the optimal size, aspect ratio, and moisture content.
  • Polymers, and some of the use cases that Heartland is testing with their partners.
  • The applications across multiple industries and value added in each use case.
  • Bulk density, and how this impacts the weight of the composite.
  • Lightweighting, and how the mobility industry is highly incentivized to attain performance benefits by reducing the weight of the vehicle.
  • Sustainability, and how carbon-negative materials will positively impact the manufacturing industry.

In just their short 30-minute interview, Jon and Jesse dive deep into all these topics.

This conversation has set the stage for future conversations between Jon and Jesse to dive deeper into use cases and the implications across industries. 

Leaders in the composites and mobility industries who see sustainable materials impacting manufacturing will enjoy this brief, but insightful, interview.

Jon is posting content each week with leaders across all parts of the composites industry. For more information on Jonathan and his platform, Composites Weekly, click the link and give him a follow.

Heartland Team