"The most sustainable product on the shelf is the one that got there in the most sustainable way"

Imperium Inside

A Simple First Step
Toward Sustainability

Natural fiber additives & recycled plastic are the easiest opportunities to decarbonize your supply chain.

Every manufacturer on earth uses industrial packaging to ship and protect products in transit. This opens the door for sustainable materials to be easily adopted while providing a clear carbon footprint reduction in the supply chain.

green packaging initiative
Green Packaging Initiative

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No Retooling

Same Packaging.
Lower Carbon Footprint.

Heartland Imperium enables brands to use the same suppliers for packaging and resin.

Additives are simple changes for plastic compounders. Heartland's materials help brands reduce the cost, weight, and carbon footprint of their packaging.

Material Agnostic

Meaningful Action
Toward a Brighter Future

All change begins with one step forward.

Product development initiatives can take years to qualify. Brand owners and investors are looking for near-term opportunities to prove their commitment to a sustainable future.

Reusable packaging is the key.

green packaging initiative pallets
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Unlocking Natural Fibers

Making The Impractical, Optimal

For the first time in history, it costs less to use sustainable materials in industrial packaging.

The ability to work alongside mined and synthetic materials is mission-critical to the adoption of natural fibers. Making our carbon-negative additives compatible with today's materials is part of our secret sauce.

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No Retooling Costs

The Sustainable Path

Imperium can be used as a drop-in replacement for mined and synthetic additives. This allows manufacturers to instantly decarbonize their supply chain.

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Why Heartland

Your Sustainability Partner

Your Farming Partner

Heartland partners with corn, wheat, and soy farmers to embed industrial hemp into their crop rotation. Our farming model enables us to promote local farming supporting local manufacturing.

Your Additive Partner

Heartland partners with plastic compounders to augment talc, calcium, and glass without any retooling costs. Our Imperium masterbatch solves dust, flammability, bonding, and bulk density problems typically associated with bio-based additives.

Your Converting Partner

Heartland partners with plastic converters to ensure the hemp-filled resin is processed properly. Our team works alongside component part manufacturers to process natural fiber-filled plastic with the same molds used today.

Your Brand Partner

Heartland is the sustainability partner for brands on their journey to reduce their carbon footprint. Our team helps create stakeholder alignment so companies can effectively communicate the value of sustainable material innovation.

Regenerative Agriculture

Local Farming Empowering Local Manufacturing

Heartland is the market leader in industrial hemp production in the United States. Our team has designed a farming and processing architecture that reduces production costs by more than 50%. This is our key to maintaining price points while reducing weight and carbon footprint.

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