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Material Innovation

Biomaterials and synthetic materials have bonding problems. This has kept natural fibers out of mass manufacturing.

Heartland has spent years understanding how to get natural fibers to bond and perform in plastic. Our materials are engineered to create unique performance that can't be seen from other mined, synthetic, or bio-based materials. Our masterbatch solves flammability, dust, load rate, and density problems.

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Sustainability By Design

Functionalizing Biology

Heartland creates product consistency in particle size, aspect ratio, surface area, and moisture content.

With mined and synthetic materials, pound 1 and pound 100,000,000 looks the exact same. The produce aisle of the supermarket makes it easy to see how difficult it is to create product consistency in agriculture. Heartland's process is designed from farm to factory to ensure bio continuity.

Material Agnostic

One Additive.
Infinite Applications.

Industrial hemp has a 10,000+ year history of being a strong natural fiber. We have unlocked today's practical use cases.

Functionalizing natural fibers to bond and perform as an additive inside of synthetic materials is an engineering feat. Imperium unlocks thousands of applications to systematically reduce the global carbon footprint.

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Unlocking Natural Fibers

Making The Impractical, Optimal

For the first time in history, it costs less to use sustainable materials in everyday products.

The ability to work alongside mined and synthetic materials is mission-critical to the adoption of natural fibers. Making our carbon-negative additives compatible with today's materials is part of our secret sauce.

No Retooling Costs

The Sustainable Path

Imperium can be used as a drop-in replacement for mined and synthetic additives. This allows manufacturers to develop carbon-negative products that cost less.

Why Heartland

Your Sustainability Partner

Your Farming Partner

Heartland partners with corn, wheat, and soy farmers to embed industrial hemp into their crop rotation. Our farming model enables us to promote local farming supporting local manufacturing.

Your Additive Partner

Heartland partners with plastic compounders to augment talc, calcium, and glass without any retooling costs. Our Imperium masterbatch solves dust, flammability, bonding, and bulk density problems typically associated with bio-based additives.

Your Converting Partner

Heartland partners with plastic converters to ensure the hemp-filled resin is processed properly. Our team works alongside component part manufacturers to process natural fiber-filled plastic with the same molds used today.

Your Brand Partner

Heartland is the sustainability partner for brands on their journey to reduce their carbon footprint. Our team helps create stakeholder alignment so companies can effectively communicate the value of sustainable material innovation.

Regenerative Agriculture

Local Farming Empowering Local Manufacturing

Heartland is the market leader in industrial hemp production in the United States. Our team has designed a farming architecture with production costs 50% less than our competition with a clear path to agriculture carbon credits.

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Industry Leading Loading Levels

Imperium Can Be Used 40%+ By Weight In Products

Heartland's functionalized natural fiber masterbatch opens the door to sustainable material innovation throughout mass manufacturing. Our Imperium masterbatch can be loaded at any percentage by weight.  Higher load rates amplify the positive impact that hemp additives make on end products.

  • Stronger Composites With Lower Cost, Weight, & Carbon Footprint
  • Increase Thermal And Acoustic Insulation Properties
Sustainable Material Innovation

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