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Natural Fiber-Filled Plastic

Same Resin. Lower Cost.
Lower Carbon Footprint.

Brands and suppliers can now replace talc and calcium-filled plastics with Imperium-filled resin.  This natural fiber-filled plastic allows brands and suppliers to quickly prototype with resins that exceed sustainability mandates. 

  • Increase The Strength While Reducing The Weight of Plastic
  • Accomplish Years of R&D on Natural Fiber-Filled Plastics in Weeks
Sustainability Engineered For Mass Manufacturing

Years of Sustainable Material Innovation in Weeks

As a sustainability partner, Heartland supports brands and suppliers with proven formulas and processes.

Heartland's team has spent years understanding how bio-based materials bond and perform inside synthetic materials. We transfer this knowledge to our clients to speed up the time from proof of concept to commercialization.

Carbon Negative Additives

Plastics We Strengthen

natural fiber filled PET
Augmenting Mined & Synthetic Additives

Unlocking The Sustainable Future We Need And Deserve

Heartland's materials replace and augment additives like talc, calcium carbonate, fiberglass, and carbon black.

We work with global brands and their suppliers to predictably reduce the carbon footprint of everyday products without any retooling costs.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

talc mining
Sustainable Material Innovation

Markets We Amplify

Your Sustainability Partner

Throughout The Supply Chain


Heartland partners with corn, wheat, and soy farmers to embed industrial hemp into their crop rotation. Our USDA Grant has given us unique insights into industrial hemp farming, regenerative agriculture, and carbon sequestration.


Heartland partners with plastic compounders to augment talc, calcium, and glass without any retooling costs. Our Imperium masterbatch solves dust, flammability, bonding, and bulk density problems typically associated with bio-based additives.


Heartland partners with plastic converters to ensure the hemp-filled resin is processed properly. Our team works alongside component part manufacturers to process natural fiber-filled plastic with the same molds used today.


Heartland is the sustainability partner for brands on their journey to reduce their carbon footprint. Our team helps create stakeholder alignment so companies can effectively communicate the value of sustainable material innovation.

No Retooling Costs

Sustainable Solutions

Heartland supplies lower-carbon-footprint materials to help manufacturers create stronger, lighter, cheaper, and more sustainable products.

Lower Your Carbon Footprint

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