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Climate Commodities and Heartland Industries Partner to Turn Industrial Hemp into A New Asset Class

Creating the Foundation of A New Industry to Support American Farming and American Manufacturing

Detroit, Michigan – Climate Commodities and Heartland Industries have created a partnership to commoditize industrial hemp. Their partnership will create standards that usher in the next generation of climate-smart commodities. 

Climate Commodities has multi-generational expertise working with all different types of commodities. Their team has experience derisking and developing entirely new asset classes to drive global adoption. Specifically, Climate Commodities has built a group of stakeholders who have decades of experience commoditizing and trading climate-smart assets.

Heartland is one of the United States’ premier producers of industrial hemp additives. Their team is creating the infrastructure to help manufacturers lower their carbon footprint and usher in the sustainable future that their stakeholders need and deserve. Sustainability mandates are driving manufacturers to find lower-carbon-footprint alternatives to the raw materials they have relied on for decades. Today, Heartland is focused on commoditizing high-performance carbon-negative plastic additives. 

Together, Climate Commodities and Heartland are creatively applying their combined expertise to develop a new type of asset class that clients, banks, and investors can safely participate in. 

This partnership is the first step on the path toward creating the next generation of climate-smart commodities. The leaders at Climate Commodities and Heartland look at it as their responsibility to lay the groundwork for 21st-century manufacturing by ensuring that companies have access to the carbon-negative materials necessary to drive sustainable material innovation. 

Commodities are foundational to global market dynamics. Agricultural commodities like corn and soy, as well as oil, metal, plastic, and rubber, support every industry. In recent decades, commodities have been taken for granted because markets have functioned off the same key drivers. This created predictable volatility for industries and the financial institutions that supported them. But, the situation in Europe is creating a commodity crisis that has reminded us how critical commodities are in today’s world. 

In previous centuries, commodities were risky investments because no one knew how to find, acquire, distribute, store, manufacture, and productize them. This uncertainty opened the door for market leaders to create standards that the rest of the world would come to rely on. 

Today, it is the intersection of leadership across two industries that create opportunities for commoditizing new asset classes. With an understanding of the complexities of new raw material supply chains, and traditional commodity markets, Climate Commodities and Heartland are unlocking mass-market adoption of carbon-negative materials that can be used in manufacturing.

Climate Commodities and Heartland have pinpointed this bottleneck as an opportunity to unlock the global adoption of industrial hemp. They have begun to identify and mitigate commodity risks by standardizing best practices, insurance instruments, and other tools that helped birth the traditional commodities people rely on every day. Their intention is to create an investable, climate-smart asset class that can decarbonize our planet.

Industrial hemp has a 10,000+ year history of being a strong natural fiber that sequesters more carbon dioxide than traditional agricultural commodities. The only reason it feels like a new material is because it was recently legalized in the 2018 Farm Bill. With the partnership between Climate Commodities and Heartland, industrial hemp will become the premier climate-smart commodity that will support manufacturing for generations to come.


Company Details

Heartland is a bioindustrial company that engineers hemp fibers as additives for plastics. Their team is building America’s first reliable industrial hemp supply chain to support manufacturers looking to reduce their carbon footprint. As an industrial hemp material processor, they work with farmers and manufacturers to ensure the product consistency of bio-based additives that can be used across raw material supply chains. Heartland’s products help companies manufacture using stronger, lighter, cheaper, and more sustainable materials. For more information, visit

Climate Commodities is the premier trading, logistics, transportation, and commercialization services firm enabling the development of the climate economy. With its head office in Dallas, and regional offices in Bogotá, Brussels, Kigali, London, New York City, and Singapore, Climate Commodities’ global reach is unparalleled. For more information, visit