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Heartland Presents The Results of Magna & BASF Product Development on May 11th at Greentown Labs

Greentown Labs GoMove Program

Greentown Labs is a studio in Boston and Houston that brings corporate partners to the table to invest in and develop sustainable products. They develop startups through advisory services that provide a strong foundation for success working with major corporate partners.

The GoMove program is an automotive partnership between BASF and Magna to develop sustainable products. There were over 100 applicants and ultimately 5 startups were accepted into the program.

The startups work side by side with Greentown, Magna, and BASF to develop proof of concepts (POCs) that have an opportunity to convert into commercial programs upon success.

May 11th – Graduation Day

The last 6 Months of work have led up to the final presentations of all 5 startups, including the Heartland Team. Each company will be presenting the results of its work and asking for a path forward to new product development and commercial discussions.

The goal of this program was to have a path to the commercialization of new, sustainable products.

Final presentations are open invite to anyone in Boston and anyone remote can tune in online as well.

Join us in creating a carbon negative future.

Heartland Team