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Heartland Puts Industrial Hemp Headquarters in Detroit

Heartland plans to put its Industrial Hemp Headquarters in Detroit

Originally, the Heartland team was focused on Kansas. They had access to a prime location with strong tax incentives and political capital. Being at the center point of the US supply chain, Kansas was a prime location for their facility with quality business opportunities.

After extensive research into the market, workforce, relationships, clientele, and other variables, the executives from Heartland Industries decided to settle on Detroit, Michigan as the location to put their new hemp processing facility.

Detroit is known as one of the manufacturing hubs in the United States. This will play a huge role in the future of Heartland Industries as they look to replace materials of some of the core components in the auto and manufacturing industries.

Michigan is essential to farming and processing of plastic throughout America, and is seen as a critical resource to Heartland’s growth goals.

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Heartland Company Description

Heartland is a material science company that engineers hemp fibers as additives for plastics. Their team is building America’s first reliable industrial hemp supply chain to provide additives for manufacturers that use plastic resins. As an industrial hemp material processor, they work with farmers and manufacturers to ensure the product consistency of bio-based additives that can be used across raw material supply chains. Heartland’s products help companies manufacture stronger, lighter, cheaper, and more sustainable materials. For more information, visit https://heartland.io.