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Heartland Industries Secures State-of-the-Art Technology for Industrial Hemp Processing

The executive team at Heartland Industries has traveled throughout the Midwest during the months of August and September to secure state-of-the-art technology that will unlock manufacturing capabilities and capacities that have never been seen before in North America. 

Through a well-known equipment manufacturer with over 100 years of expertise, the Heartland team has secured hemp equipment that focuses on sustainable and scalable manufacturing practices. At an hourly maximum processing capacity of 60,000 pounds per hour, Heartland Industries Detroit facility will have the capability of separating over 1,400,000 pounds of hemp per day while removing almost 2,000,000 pounds of CO2 from the atmosphere during that time. The sequestration process will separate the hemp stalks into fibers, hurds, and dust. 

This process is executed with only 3 line workers per 8-hour shift, making it the most efficient, automated industrial hemp processing facility in the world. This equipment uses a  simple mechanical process (as opposed to a chemical process), which allows for easy scaling processes as Heartland increases its manufacturing footprint across the U.S. 

The decortication equipment utilizes pressure, vibration, and air to separate the hemp plant into its different byproducts. This was crucial in order for Heartland Industries to maintain its sustainability mandate. 

“Securing a relationship with one of the most reliable equipment manufacturers on the planet will help stabilize our supply chain as we scale up,” Says CEO of Heartland Industries, Jesse Henry. “This will ensure that our partners in the plastics, automotive, composites, and building materials industries have a reliable and sustainable supply chain to plug into as they continue to adopt eco-friendly materials into their manufacturing practices.” 

This equipment will create the foundation for Heartland Industries to produce hemp-based materials at scale. The team is now able to distribute these materials to partners across manufacturing who are looking for stronger, lighter, cheaper, and more sustainable materials for the products they already make. 

The executives at Heartland Industries have brought on a systems engineer to properly execute the build out of this facility to focus on automation and scalability. 

Heartland Team