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KDM and the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) FEDERAL PROCUREMENT CENTER Partner with Heartland Industries to Advance Minority Farmers in America

The partnership will support producers through the advancement of regenerative agricultural practices and the incorporation of industrial hemp 

Detroit, Michigan – May 16, 2022 – KDM & Associates, Operator of the Nation’s only MBDA Federal Procurement Center – www.mbdafpcenter.com, has partnered with Heartland Industries to advance regenerative agriculture practices and climate-smart products for Minority-owned farmers across the United States. The firms are combining efforts to recruit underserved farmers to add industrial hemp to their crop rotations to improve soil quality, sequester more carbon, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and add a new cover/cash crop to their portfolios. 

The partnership will lean on KDM’s and MBDA’s ongoing outreach efforts and relationships with Minority farm owners to help recruit, train, and mentor them in regenerative agriculture methods. Heartland’s business model dovetails perfectly with KDM/MBDA’s mission to advance these underserved farmers as they provide an off-take path for this up-and-coming new commodity (hemp). 

In the United States, about half of all cropland is dedicated to corn and/or soybeans. By rotating in industrial hemp, farmers can reduce input and irrigation costs, while improving soil quality and future yields. “Rotating in industrial hemp is a great solution for small or mid-sized farms” according to John Ely, CMO at Heartland, “If you’re growing corn or soy today, you don’t need to add any expensive planting, or special harvesting equipment. We have developed a full set of standard operating procedures (SOPs) that allow farmers to immediately see the benefits of adding hemp to their crop rotation”. 

“The partnership with Heartland is an exciting advancement for our business development and public relations consulting firm as we expand our linkages with key hemp industry sector, research, and academic partners,” says Keith Moore, Founder of Internet channel OpenGovTV.com and President of KDM & Associates, LLC, a well-known global consulting firm based in Washington, D.C. As he states, “The opportunity to add industrial hemp to their crop rotation, will allow small, underserved farmers to better compete with larger, more traditional farms in America.” 

Join us as we make a world out of hemp.

Heartland Team


Company Details

KDM & Associates, LLC is a business development, government affairs, and public relations firm that offers a unique collaboration with a team of experts who are experienced in government contracting, acquisition management, and contract compliance. Our KDM associates understand public policy and have years of proven success in building strategic teaming alliances to give our clients a competitive advantage to winning government contracts, and grant awards. 

Heartland is a bio-industrial company that engineers hemp fibers as additives for plastics. Their team is building America’s first reliable industrial hemp supply chain to provide additives for manufacturers that use plastic resins. As an industrial hemp material processor, they work with farmers and manufacturers to ensure the product consistency of bio-based additives that can be used across raw material supply chains. Heartland’s products help companies manufacture using stronger, lighter, cheaper, and more sustainable materials. For more information, visit https://heartland.io.