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Jesse Henry on The Future of Mobility Podcast with Brandon Bartneck

What is the future of mobility podcast?

The Future of Mobility podcast is hosted by Brandon Bartneck as a means of showcasing all of the work being done to improve sustainability for everyone.

Brandon showcases everything from new EV vehicles to different manufacturing processes, but materials are a new subject for the discussion of mobility.

Jesse Henry was a guest on the show discussing the impact of materials throughout the manufacturing supply chain.

What does sustainability mean to us and why is it important?

Sustainability is a holistic approach to seeing the world, it can be intertwined into every aspect of life, from relationships with friends/family to the products you choose to purchase.

The world of materials has its own sustainability journey. $5.5 trillion in materials are shipped around the world every year, and all of these materials have a carbon footprint associated with them. This is known as the Scope 3 emissions associated with big companies’ 2050 emissions goals.

Where Can I Start My Journey to Decarbonize my supply chain?

Connect with the Heartland team to discuss options for how you can begin your lightweighting journey.

Join us in creating a carbon negative future!

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